Monster - Vkook/Taejin

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Skupina: Bangtan Boys (BTS)
Pár: Vkook (Jungkook x Taehyung) /Taejin (Taehyung x Jin)
Žánr: Yaoi (15+)
Upozornění: Povídka je v AJ (nebo aspoň malý pokus o to)

It was normal day for Namjoon. He went to his work with hot coffee in his hand, carefully trying to drink it not to burn his tongue. He came into his office which was unlocked. That was weird, because he is sure he locked it before he left yesterday, but maybe he just forgot. Lately his work was stereotype, no cases, no murders, just boring days in his office. Yeah, his job is criminalist.
He greeted few of his co-workers before he closed doors behind him. He sighed with closed eyes and drank his coffee. He looked around his office when he suddenly saw someone sitting on the other chair infront of his desk. It was familiar guy and when he looked on Namjoon, he recognized him. It was Taehyung, his friend. They knew each other very well and for a really long time now. Namjoon immediately knew why his office was unlocked. Everyone knows Taehyung here, they just let him in, probably lent him keys.
"What are you doing here, Tae?" he asked and put his coffee on the table, "You know, I can't give you any money for your things…I gave you some last week."
It was normal for Taehyung to come here for some money for his… things. He never said why he needs money, he just always tells Namjoon that it's really important. Namjoon is not asking, well he is like his younger brother, but sometimes it makes him think…doesn't Taehyung have really rich boyfriend? Why would he need money from someone like Namjoon who is glad that he is paying his rent?
But he is just letting it go, as long as he has money for food and his needs.
"Namjoon-hyung...Jungkook is missing..." he said with trembling voice and now Joon noticed his tears. Teahyung looked really terrible, he had red eyes, he looked like he didn't sleep at all, he just looked like a mess.
"What are you saying? You know Jungkook...he is probably just hooking around with some girls… or boys… he always shows after few days…" Namjoon said unamazed. It was normal for Jungkook and Taehyund should knew it.
"I k-know...but it's different now...I have this feeling...something is not right..."
"What are you saying, Taehyung? Are you high again? You know I had problems when they saw you how you were laughing around, asking everyone weird questions..."
Namjoon has little suspicion about younger that he maybe had some experiences with drugs. And that he was maybe using his money for drugs.
"No, Namjoon...he is not answering my calls, messages, anything...and he always answers me, you know? It's just this feeling...he's not okay Namjoon, believe me."
"What made you think like that? He is probably just too drunk to be even able to answer your know him."
Taehyung was acting weird. Namjoon sat on his chair and watched him. Taehyung's body was shaking and he looked like he is going to throw up any time.
"Namjoon please...he might be dead!"
Namjoon still didn't get his behavior.
"You look like a mess, you should go home and sleep. Believe me, he is alright. I promise you, if he doesn't show up, I will try to look for him, okay?"
But no, that didn't convince him. He stood up and looked at him, tears flowing down his cheeks.
"Namjoon please, you need to find him like right now. I'm not leaving this office till you find him!" he screamed at him and then sat on the chair again, looking on the floor.
"Okay, calm know I can't do this, he will be missing after two days…and I saw him yesterday, so..."
"I will never want anything else from you, I promise… just do this, for me..." Taehyung said and looked into his eyes. He was pleading him so hard just with his expression. Namjoon sighed loudly.
"Well okay, I will do it. But just because you are my friend and I'm bored these days. But I swear to god Taehyung, if I find him naked with some hoe, you are going to get it."
For the first time he saw Taehyung's little smile. Why he is like that? It was all so weird.
Namjoon drank his coffee and then stood up. Suddenly Taehyung hugged him tightly. He felt his body was still shaking. It wasn't normal. He slowly stroked his back.
"Can I stay here?" he asked whispering. Namjoon knew he shouldn't leave him here like that, but… he looked so broken.
"Yeah…" he said, pausing for a while before he asked, "did you have fight with Jin-hyung?"
Taehyung flinched a little.
"No…" he answered then, lie visible in his voice, "it's just… I don't want to see him now..."
"Because...he might be the one of the reasons why is Jungkook missing..." he said. Namjoon looked at him with shocked face.
"What are you saying, Tae? Your boyfriend? He would never do that."
Taehyung didn't reply for a moment before he broke their hug and sat on the little sofa in office.
"He may be jealous lately..."
"You are just imagining things, Taehyung. But well, I will have to ask him about that later..."

Namjoon went out of his office with mixed feelings. Before he completely left for little adventure called "Find Jungkook", he bought some water and instant noodles for Taehyung. He looked hungry and he had to eat of course.
Then he just thought about it for a while. Maybe he should just say Taehyung that he found him with some chick and let it be. Younger didn't look good and it looked like he was drugged. Maybe some new, really strong drug. Maybe he just had some hallucination and he saw that Jungkook was killed by his boyfriend. Well, that may be explanation. But yeah, even after these thoughts he went to a bar, where Jungkook was almost everyday.
He went inside, it was almost empty, just some guys who were sleeping on the table, too drunk to care about going home.
He asked barman if he saw this guy and showed him picture of Jungkook which he had in phone. He knew him of course, but he said he was in bar last night just for few minutes before he left with someone. Well that seemed normal but… few minutes? Well that's not so ordinary. Kook was always saying that you need to have at least five shots of some strong liquor before hitting on someone.
Namjoon thanked him and then went to another bars he knew but no one saw him last night. Well, then he should just go to his apartment. He was sure he will find him there with bad hangover cursing at anyone who woke him up.
So he ringed few times but no one opened door. He tried it few times before some old lady opened door next to him.
"He is not home," she said annoyed. Namjoon just looked at her and then ringed again.
"Believe me, he is always so loud when he is coming back in night, but this time we didn't hear anything. Night was quiet, calm...we finally got some sleep..." she continued. Namjoon just nodded and thanked before leaving. Well…that really sounded like he is not at home. But hey, he shouldn't be paranoid, maybe he went to someone else's house. That could happen too, right?
So he was slowly walking on the streets when his phone suddenly ringer.
"Namjoon-ah," he heard his co-worker, "they found a body..."

Namjoon has never ran so fast like now. He finally saw familiar bar where he was for the first time this morning. He had this weird feeling. Something was coming… something really bad.
He went to small aisle next to bar, where others were waiting for him. Body was already covered in white sack.
His co-worker, Jisoo, looked at him worriedly. Namjoon bent down and looked in it. Raven hair, smooth, white skin. He didn't even have to ask. It was him. It was Jungkook. He was dead. Here, next to the bar where he asked about him. How could he be that stupid to not to look here?
Well, first suspect was...Seokjin. And that's where he went first.
He was thinking so hard about it. How did Taehyung even know that Jungkook is not alright at all? Did he really see something? Did Seokjin really killed him? It was so not like Jin. Yeah, he knew there was something going on. Taehyung dated Jungkook like year ago. Then he left him, saying that he loved Seokjin all the time. Well, no one believed him. Jungkook was left with broken heart. Namjoon tried to talk to them.. but no one said anything to him. It was all lies and Namjoon let it be, it wasn't his bussines after all. And maybe he heard some fights that couple had, Seokjin had problems with Taehyung meeting Jungkook. But that wasn't reason for killing someone.
He ringed on the door of big Seokjin's house. He waited for few seconds and then Seokjin opened, with expecting face. Namjoon was sure that he was waiting for Taehyung. When he saw Namjoon, his face looked dissapointed.
"Oh, it's just you," he said, "what are you doing here, Namjoon?"
"I'm sorry for disturbing you but… I'm here because.. I have to ask few questions, Jin-hyung…"
"Well, okay? Come in…"
Seokjin dissapeared inside the kitchen as Namjoon closed door behind him.
"What is it? Am I being suspect because of something?" Seokjin asked from the distance with not serious voice, joking around. "Do you want some coffee, Namjoon?"
"No…actually… I'm here because of… my job," Namjoon said slowly, he was nervous and he didn't know why.
"Really? Did Taehyung do something again? You know I can pay for him, you didn't have to come…"
"No, Taehyung is alright… it's about you.."
"What are you saying? You are joking, right?"
"No… Hyung, what did you do last night?"
"Are you serious now? I was at home of course."
"Are you sure? Do you have someone who can prove it?"
"I don't know, maybe neighbors? I don't know Namjoon, what's going on?"
"What about Tae, where he was?"
"He… I don't know…we may talked about something and he got mad a little?"
"Just a little? Are you telling me the truth?"
"I do…" Jin hesitated a little. That was sign of lying. Namjoon sighed.
"Did you fight?"

Seokjin sighed as he heard another smash. He broke another plate probably.
"Taehyung, stop it!" he screamed from bedroom at younger boy.
"No!" was the answer he got. He stood up, feeling sick because he knew Tae somehow knew what he did. He understood that he had done bad thing, but it was like years ago. Why was he still so angry? He didn't understand it. He came to a boy, feeling quilty, all around the place were broken pieces of plates.
"Don't come here… I don't want you here."
"Taehyung-ah…" Jin said softly, trying to caress his hair. But his hand was slapped away.
"Why are you still so pissed? I thought you are over him. You told me you love me… so why are you acting like that suddenly?"
"I… was so broken. I believed you, I believed that you were saying the truth. That he is cheating on me. But you know what? He would never do that to me and I should knew it! You wanted my pretty face just for yourself. You were jealous, right? You just couldn't get over the fact that you for the first time of your life lost. So you hurted him…and me too."
"Taehyung…we talked about this. And yeah, I lied, I'm sorry. I know I hurt you…but believe me, you would just suffer with him. You have everything you want and need right now. I'm giving you everything, Taehyung. I love you, you know that right?"
"Don't say these words. If you really love me, you would never hurt me. You are such a…"
"What? Say it!"
Taehyung just cursed under his breath and then looked on Jin for the first time. His face was drenched by tears. He looked like a mess. His expression was full of hate. Full of regret. And Seokjin was afraid.
Taehyung turned away from him and then went to door.
"Don't wait for me," he said before leaving.

Seokjin looked broken. Namjoon watched him carefully, he wasn't lying. He was at home all the time waiting for younger boy to come back. But he never came. And if Seokjin didn't do that, then there was a big chance that Taehyung was lying…
"Do you know where he went?"
"No… I'm not stalking him. But you know, he was stalking him."
"Jungkook of course. He thought I don't know… but I know it. He always said to me they are meeting. But no. He just watched him what he is doing." Seokjin looked hurt. Namjoon felt so sorry, he came to him and slowly stroked his arm.
"You should… move on, hyung. He is not the right person for you…"
But Seokjin just shaked his head, tears slowly falling down. It was quiet for a moment before Namjoon's phone ringed. He excused himself and answer it. He was done here after all, Jin would never do that.
"Yeah?" he said and then heard his co-worker Jimin.
"Namjoon… we found DNA on Jungkook's body. It's Taehyung's."

Namjoon sat inside his office. Taehyung wasn't there, after all he was the main suspect now. No, he didn't believe that his friend did it. No, it couldn't be true.
He had to do interrogation with him. He wasn't ready, he had soft spot in his heart for him. He wasn't feeling well but he couldn't let others do it. They wouldn't be gentle… and Taehyung was fragile.
"It's time." Jimin suddenly appeared between door. He knew Taehyung was precious for Namjoon, it must be hard.
"Yeah," Joon stood up, trying to look okay, but hey he wasn't at all.

When Namjoon went inside the room where interrogations always happens, Taehyung looked at him like he is going to save him.
"Hyung! Why am I here? It's just some mistake right? You found killer already, right?"
Namjoon sighed, closing his eyes and leaning on table on the other side of Taehyung.
"Taehyung, how do you even know that Jungkook was killed?"
Younger boy looked down, thinking about a lie he should use. Namjoon should knew it, of course it was weird that Tae knew that something had happened to their friend and his ex-lover. He was blinded, believing that he wouldn't do that. It was too painful to believe it. He still didn't want to though, hoping someone will come and tell them this all was just some misunderstanding.
But no one came. Taehyung was killer.
"I just heard it on the hallway…" That was another lie. Namjoon smashed his hand on the table, startling Taehyung.
"Tell me Taehyung how it was before someone else comes here and believe me, they won't be so gentle with you."
Taehyung sighed loudly, another new tears falling from his eyes.
"You know I love him, I wouldn't hurt him!" he said, almost whispering, closing his eyes. Namjoon's heart shook a little when his sobs were heard.
"But something happened. Just spit it out, how did you kill him?"
It was silent for a moment before Taehyung slowly looked at Namjoon, his hair messed up, he probably didn't get some sleep even in his office.
"It's Jin-hyung's fault."
"It was accident, okay?! I didn't want to kill him!"

Taehyung looked through crowd in bar looking for one certain person. Jungkook. He needed to see him, he was so broken. His heart could be fixed just with his pretty, flawless face. His smile always gives him goosebumbs, he felt like a teenage girl in love. He left Jungkook, yes…but he still loved him so much, he couldn't get over him. And he was sure that Jungkook loved him too. He was 100% sure. He saw him finally, he was flirting with some boy, drinking his coctail. Taehyung felt how jealousy flew through his body. He came to him, suddenly fearless of rejection.
"Jungkook," he said with gritted teeth. Other boy looked at him, then his expression changed. He was annoyed.
"What are you doing here, Taehyung?" he asked him. His voice was so careless. Taehyung´s heart broke a little.
"I need to talk to you. Like right now."
"Why are you coming here, to me, so suddenly? Did your amazing boyfriend hurt you?" His irritating voice made Taehyung to grab his hand and drag him outside. Into aisle, so no one could hear their little talk.
"What are you doing, you asshole?" Jungkook asked, rubbing his hand where were visible some marks already from strong grasp.
"What am I doing? What are YOU doing?!"
"Just enjoying life, you should try it one day," he answered simply. Taehyung was so angry, he just smashed Jungkook against wall really hard.
"You can't enjoy your life without me…" he said close to his ear. Jungkook suddenly pushed him and cursed quietly.
"Move on, Taehyung. You left me broken, you left me just like that. We had so much fun, right? Yeah but that's it. It's in the past. I got over you. I don't love you anymore. I don't feel anything. Not even hatred. Now I have different life, without you completely. Maybe I'm mess and dick now, not able to have proper relationship because of you but you know what? I'm happy. And now if you excuse me, I have something to do now, or someone." Jungkook wanted to walk away but Taehyung didn't plan to give up.
"You are happy just because you are high like everyday. Is that what you call happines? Are you really so low now?"
"What are you saying, you shit?!" Jungkook turned roughly and his face looked really furious.
"I watched you. I know what shit you are letting go into your veins. You are complete mess without me, Jungkook. I know this feel, I have it too…" Taehyung said last sentence slowly, remembering his own marks after drugging himself.
"You don't know anything! Now, go away before I get really angry."
"You can't be over me. I love you, you love me. Please, Jungkook, take me back, I need you."
Jungkook just scoffed.
"Goodbye, Taehyung…"
When Taehyung saw other one walking away, his rage suddenly rised up. His senses were blinded. He hated everything in this world. He hated Jungkook…but mainly Jin. He couldn't understand. Why? Why were all of these shits happening to him? What he did wrong? He was just naive young boy. He was afraid. He couldn't be alone. He needed someone, he was like a lost puppy. His world was ruined when Seokjin told him that he saw Jungkook kissing someone else. He was so messed up, he just let himself fall into Seokjin's trap. He thought he did good, but no.
He couldn't take it. He grabbed Jungkook's hand, with all his strength pinned him on the ground and slapped him so hard his cheek that even his hand was in pain.
"You can't be happy without me, you asshole!" He screamed and then slapped him once again. Suddenly he saw Seokjin under his body, his mind was playing with him. He just kept slapping him, then he stood up and kicked him few times, still seeing the man he hated the most. Taehyung found pocket knife inside his jacket. Yeah, that's what Jin deserves.
He was cursing loudly until his rage left his body. After few minutes full of violence, he suddenly saw Jungkook's lifeless body instead of Jin's. He was shocked, slowly falling on his knees. No, what the hell he had done?
Tears were slowly falling down on his face. No, this couldn't be true.
"I…I'm so sorry, Jungkook…" he sobbed, shifting close to boy's body, listening if he was breathing. He wasn't. His heart was beating a little but that Taehyung didn't hear. All he saw was just fucking dead body of his love. He was dead. By his mistake. No. He couldn't take it.
"I'm… sorry," he said again, then he slowly caressed these cold lips with his warm ones. He was such a monster.
"No… I'm not a monster. He is, it's all Jin-hyung's fault. He killed you, not me."

Namjoon was shocked after hearing all of this. He had to sit down or he is going to black out soon. No, this wasn't Taehyung he knew. It was quiet inside the room. Just Taehyung's light sobs were heard.
"It's not…my fault. I didn't kill him…"

Namjoon looked how they took away handcuffed Taehyung. Jin was there too. When Taehyung saw him, his rage suddenly came back.
"He should go to the prison, not me!" he screamed. Jin's expression was emotionless as Namjoon went closer to them.
"Namjoon-hyung… he is the guilty one here!" he continued and then he suddenly got out of cops' grasp. Taehyung was so close Jin's face now.. Jin just looked at him without fear in his eyes.
"They think I'm a monster. But I know you are the worst monster in this world," Tae said to other with creepy smile on his lips before he was dragged away again.
Namjoon stood next to Seokjin in silence. They were standing there even after Taehyung was out of their sight.
"He is going to be okay. They sent him to asylum. He is sick…in his mind. It's probably because of drugs.." Namjoon said still watching the place where he saw his younger friend early.
"I know."
"Are you going to wait for him?"
"He is the love of my life. I will love him no matter what. I can wait for years. I need him in my life, Namjoon."

Namjoon yawned loudly after his tiring work. He stood up, packing his things and going home. It was already late but when he was at home, he was just thinking about annoying things. It was already month of Taehyung being away. Closed in small, white room. Namjoon wanted to visit him. But he just couldn't, he wasn't ready, not yet.
"Ah, going home so late again?" Joon heard behind him. It was his co-worker Jimin.
"Yeah…" he said with little smile. Jimin was so hard-working…he was staying in his office for so long always.
"Are you hungry? I thought you could join me on diner, I know one really good restaurant."

Namjoon always had good relationship with Jimin but when they talked just like that outside, out of work, it was different. He really liked it. When they were walking home, Jimin suddenly asked Namjoon.
"You know, hyung…I just want to ask you about something I'm thinking about lately… Taehyung could save Jungkook, you know? He could survive if he would call ambulance... just why, why he didn't do anything? But... the main thing is...Jungkook wasn't defending himself at all. He just let Taehyung to kill him. Why? He was strong guy… why did he let him?"
Namjoon sighed, how many times he thought about this thing too.
"Taehyung probably didn't know what he's doing...and I don't know? Maybe Jungkook was just shocked." Both of them knew that it wasn't true.

But who knows? The real reason will remain secret forever.

Drobné info: No neeee, nekecej, Natalie se ozvala po asi století a půl. A ještě s anglickou povídkou. :D Doufám, že vám to nevadí? Vím, že jsem ani nevyhlásila nějakou pauza či tak..prostě to přišlo, v hlavě prázdno, žádný čas. A najednou je konec května. No ... snad se to zlepší...ale asi radši nedoufejte a nečekejte. :D:D Děkuju za přečtení! A snad tam není moc chyb lol.


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Akože musím sa priznať ,že som si viackrát počas poviedky povedala wtf :D Ale bolo to dobré, síce trochu zvláštne aj angličtina bola super ^^ určite mi nebude vadiť ak pridáš viac vecí v angličtine.

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